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The Missing Middle in Property Management Services

In the enormous space of property service providers, J Street stands as the embodiment of the "Missing Middle." We are the bridge that seamlessly connects the operational prowess of larger corporations with the personalized touch and dedication of smaller enterprises. Our story is one of dynamic balance, where the term "Missing Middle" defines not just our position but also our unique value proposition.

Formerly known as Woodmark Real Estate Services, Inc (WRESI), J Street has evolved into a mid-sized property management firm that's redefining industry standards. Our aspiration is a different kind of success - one that's defined by the depth of relationships rather than the breadth of numbers. How can authenticity and personalization thrive amidst a sea of faces? That's why our aim is clear: we seek to partner with real estate owners and asset managers that desire professional property management service with an ownership approach and personal touch. These are the individuals and entities with whom we embark on a journey of shared vision and mutual trust. They are not just clients; they are partners in every sense of the word. Their success becomes our driving force, their goals our unwavering commitment.

We deliver large corporation benefits like technology, accounting/reporting quality, smart talented people, and a seamless ability to enter new markets combined with a small company relational touch and personalized services. If you are our client, you will personally know everyone from the C-suite to the onsite team at J Street. As you embark on your real estate endeavors, consider J Street your Missing Middle partner - a steadfast companion that embraces the best of both worlds.



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Winfield Station
Winfield, IL
Panton Mill Station
Elgin, IL
1201 Sycamore Drive SE
Washington, DC
United States Mint
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J street has a wide range of services designed to grow with your business.

The J street difference

At J Street, the difference is in the details.
The J Street Family
Attracting & retaining top-tier talent forms the cornerstone of our achievements. By cultivating a culture that celebrates creativity, professional advancement, and a sense of community, we've succeeded in fostering an average corporate tenure surpassing a decade.
Management Portfolio
Boasting a management portfolio encompassing 4,000 doors, overseeing 2.5 million square feet of office space, and maintaining multiple client relationships that span over a decade, our track record underscores our consistent delivery of enduring client satisfaction.
Development & Construction Management
Having developed over 1,000 multifamily doors and effectively managed construction projects exceeding $200 million, our extensive experience positions us to confidently deliver exceptional results.
Experience Matters
Over the past 28 years, we have weathered the storms and embraced the surges of the ever-changing real estate market, emerging as a beacon of stability and innovation.

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